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We recently chatted with the dazzling Mackenzie Thoma from Willow Model Management and talked about the Glitz, the Glam and the Expectations in this business. She’s got the looks & personality, but sometimes it seems not enough. We wanted her insight on what it takes to stay competitive and how she takes care of her mind and body. And we also asked her some candid questions about her love & relationships state of mind.

Height 5′ 7″
Dress 2
Bust 34”
Waist 24”
Shoe 8.5
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
  • Does the Glitz & Glam outweigh the Pressure that most Models experience in this business?

    The pressure for models can be agitating because just like any other job, you are striving for perfection using your talents. The glitz & glam a model receives entirely compensates for the sore feet and cheeks (I mean face cheeks from smiling!).

  • What is the #1 Physical Trait a Model must have in order to succeed in this business?

    Successful models always have one outstanding trait to their appearance and they know how to highlight that feature. Whether it’s their deep and high cheekbones or their mile long legs, their distinguished trait will catch eyes.

  • With your busy modeling schedule, how much time do you need to mentally prepare for a photo shoot?

    It depends on the shoot, if I know the team I am immediately comfortable and don’t need to mentally prepare. If it is a new crew, I work on being mentally prepared by the time I’m in the makeup artist’s chair.

  • What’s the most flattering comment you’ve received from a Photographer?

    A photographer told me I was his favorite model to work with. Because he never had to direct me since I have a good sense of mood and tone change.

  • What part of your body are you most proud of?

    The part of my body I am most proud of is my legs. As a mountain bike rider and a runner, both hobbies help maintain the legs that keep me standing.

  • Would you rather people call you Sexy or Sassy? And why?

    I would rather be called sassy because I feel the bold adjective leaves a mental image you won’t forget.

  • How do you stay fit and in shape? Any unique yoga routine?

    I relate fitness to mental health. If I am feeling grumpy I know it’s time to do some cardio. I mostly enjoy mountain bike riding, running, yoga and hiking.

  • What do you fear most about being in a Relationship?

    That the connection is not balanced, it is only natural for one person to care more than the other. It is very unique and special to be with someone where that concern is non-existent.

  • How many Mr. Wrong do you think a Girl has to encounter these days in order to find Mr. Right?

    I think that is entirely depends on the person. As for me, each relationship progressively became closer to a perfect match and once you’ve had dessert, you do not want to go back to the appetizer.

Mackenzie Thoma is represented by Willow Model Management. To book her for a Photoshoot or Runway Show, please click here.



Photos by: Willow Model Management

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