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We caught up with the beautiful Egle Korsakaite to chat about her modeling experience and got her take on this competitive business. Originally from Lithuania, she’s a world traveler with an addiction for adventure, photography, culture and yes, chocolate! Her goal is to be part of the organization, “How to make the world a better place” and transform herself into a woman version of Spider-Man. Her life motto: “Don’t let your dreams just be dreams” and “I am not born from one corner; the whole world is my native land.”

Read the interview and get to know more about Egle from our vantage point.

Height 5′ 9″
Dress 2
Bust 34”
Waist 24”
Shoe 9
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
  • So tell us, what was your first modeling gig and who discovered you?

    My first real modeling job was for the Maria Grazia Severi showroom in Milan. Actually, nobody discovered me. It was during that moment when I realized I wanted to become a model. So I decided to visit few agencies and now here I am!

  • We call modeling a form of visual brainwashing. What’s your take?

    I would call it “Vision results of an artist”. It’s a way to explore fashion from different angles and for us models, it’s called “Self improvement”.

  • Modeling is extremely competitive. How do you manage to stay one step ahead in this fast-pace business?

    I think I’m just lucky (LOL). I try to present myself in the way that people would love to work with me. By promoting my style and always be present, engaged, making new friends and business contacts along the way.

  • If you had a magic wand that could change ONE main flaw of the modeling industry, what would it be?

    I would definitely make it legally enough to get a pension after all working as a model (LOL).

  • How do you stay so fit and energized?

    I don’t have perfect genes to stay slim and fit all the time, so I try to take care of myself. I love dancing and I can’t imagine not being in the gym. As much as I love sweets and coffee, I think eating healthy is very important.

  • You’re a world traveler. Which destination is your all time favorite?

    It’s hard to say. Every place I’ve been to were all special to me. But I remember the feeling of not wanting to leave while I was visiting Hong Kong, Paris and Italy.

  • So you have an addiction for chocolates huh? Would you dip your naked body into a bathtub filled with melted Godivas?

    Oh yes! I Love chocolates, especially dark ones! And bathing in it? Of course it will not be the first time (LOL).

  • We have to ask, what’s the cheesiest pickup line a photographer has ever said to you?

    My camera would like to make love to you.

  • Set aside all the glitz and glam of this business. At the end of the day, what is truly most important to you?

    Your welcome! Anytime! Well at the moment, I have plans to stay in Italy for the month of August. Then after that, I will just be spontaneous and go with the flow.

  • Thanks for chatting with us. Any exciting new travel plans or projects you want to share?

    Your welcome! Anytime! Well at the moment, I have plans to stay in Italy for the month of August. Then after that, I will just be spontaneous and go with the flow.

If you would like to book Egle Korsakaite for a photo shoot or a runway show, please contact her on Facebook | Instagram



Photos by: Mun Kong, Mark Acosta, Wilson Gonzales, Jet & Seto, Advan Ramirez, Livio Morabito
Stylist: Kovit Ang, Ivy Naka
Makeup: Yang Rick, Joanne Ong, Nice Villaverde, Kath Guanzon

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