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We caught up with the beautiful Belgium Model, Aline Stevens to chat about her modeling experience and her take on this competitive business. This girl has been in the game since a few years and she knows what it takes to compete. From Photo Shoots to Fashion Videos, she’s done it and has done it quite well. Her sensual style and model mystique captivates the audience every time. This girl makes an immediate impact at whatever new project she takes on.

Read this interview and see why she is one of the most sought after model representing Belgium.

Height 5′ 6″
Dress 2
Bust 33”
Waist 24”
Shoe 6
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
  • What do you like the most about the Modeling Biz?

    I get to discover the style and the world of photography. I considered modeling as an acting job. I feel like an actress in front of the camera. Not only to play “roles” but also to appear like I really am in my life. Being shy by nature, this job allows me to show a side of me that I don’t share in everyday life.

  • You’ve appeared in some fashion videos. Which one was your favorite?

    My favorite fashion videos are the ones I shoot with Dan Botbol, a French director based in Brussels. He’s very talented in shooting beauty films with style and sensibility. I like “Lost in Her Dream” for the light and cinematographic ambiance. I also like the duality between tenderness and rage in “Women of Mass Destruction”, the freshness of “Awakening” and the serenity suggested by “Hypnosis.”

  • The stress level in this biz can be overwhelming. How do you manage it?

    I don’t really experience the stress you are talking about, at least concerning photoshoots. Being not represented by a modeling agency, I don’t have to do castings to get involved with projects. However, I’m represented by some casting agencies and when I have to do video casting for commercials, there’s a lot of stress involved! But I take it as a challenge and face up to reality. And sometimes it is worth it!

  • Have you worked any modeling jobs in the United States?

    I’ve never been to USA in flesh and blood. But virtually thanks to a Belgian horror movie in which I have a small part in: “The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears” from directing duo Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani. The film was released a few days ago at selected USA Theaters.

  • How do you stay so slim and sassy?

    I’m naturally slim. I try to live a healthy lifestyle: a balanced diet, I only drink water, I don’t smoke, I walk a lot and so on!

  • What part of your body are you most proud of?

    My eyes.

  • So what’s next in your world? Anything exiting you want to share?

    I just took part in an exciting project called “Streets – Behind the Scenes” by the Belgian photographer Luc Dratwa. The exhibition is taking place in Knokke (Belgium) and after that it will travel to Europe (Brussels, Amsterdam and other cities), Asia and United States. It’s an innovative art project that shows images of New York’s facades by night. But thanks to augmented reality, the film shows what’s happening behind the scene and that’s where I enter the stage.

If you would like to book Aline Stevens for a Photoshoot, please contact her directly.



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