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We caught up with the beautiful and energized Alicia Lamson from Willow Model Management to chat about her hectic lifestyle. She models full time, attends school and finds the time to balance her personal and family relationships. You could say she’s the romantic at heart type, but deep down, she can be bit fiery. We got up close and personal so you can have a better perspective of what she’s all about.

Height 5′ 10″
Dress 2
Bust 33”
Waist 24”
Shoe 9
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
  • Your daily schedule fluctuates huh? How do you keep yourself organized?

    Technology really helps! Being able to input my schedule on my phone is amazing. But I try to take one day at a time just to not overwhelm myself. I’ll wake up in the morning and ask myself what I need to get done that day, check my emails for anything new and just take the first step.

  • What’s your favorite modeling job so far?

    I would have to say the Enrique Iglesias “I’m A Freak” music video. It was a long day, but so worth it! It was great meeting new people and just being involved with something like that.

  • Which past or current Victoria Secret Angel do you envy the most?

    Probably Miranda Kerr! She has the best style and she lives such a healthy life. She is probably one of my biggest inspirations because there are so many models that have unhealthy lifestyles and she is not one of those.

  • The prettier the model, the more insecure she tends to be. Do you think that’s the case?

    In my opinion, the pretty models are ones that are comfortable in their own skin and have great personalities. It’s hard to be in this industry though! I’m pretty sure there are days when even the prettiest models feel insecure, but it’s so important to have a good attitude no matter what.

  • What makes a photographer amazing to you?

    Giving direction helps out a lot! Also being able to make the model feel comfortable is huge! The worst is when a photographer makes you feel like you’re not welcome or good enough for them.

  • What’s more effective these days: Real makeup? Or Photoshop magic?

    It seems that most companies are using photoshop these days but I feel like it is a little unfair. I get excited when I see companies using healthy looking models and no photoshop in their new campaigns. Also when it comes to makeup, there are very few photoshoots that are ruined by no makeup but so many that are ruined from poorly done makeup! Makeup artists really do have a lot to do with a successful or unsuccessful shoot.

  • Your biggest fear when it comes to love & relationships?

    I think just like everyone else getting rejected is a huge fear. But that’s part of being in relationships; sometimes you just have to put yourself out there even if it leads to rejection.

  • We understand you crave dark chocolate covered berries. How much would you be willing to pay right now for a box of it?

    Oh my goodness! They are my ultimate weakness! I would probably give my whole next paycheck to have some. I haven’t had them in forever!

  • Set aside all the glitz and glam of this business. At the end of the day, what is truly most important to you?

    Your welcome! Anytime! Well at the moment, I have plans to stay in Italy for the month of August. Then after that, I will just be spontaneous and go with the flow.

  • Thank you so much for chatting with us. Will we see you at NYFW next Season?

    You are so welcome! Thank you for your time. Yes, I hope so. I’m crossing my fingers!

Alicia Lamson is represented by Willow Model Management. To book her for a Photoshoot or Runway Show, please click here.



Photos by: Willow Model Management

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