10 Hot Women’s Fashion Trends To Know For 2020

A new year and decade has begun, meaning a new era of fashion is on the horizon. Year 2020 is a clean slate for designers, as many break away from streetwear and ’90s nostalgia to explore sustainability, fluid design and new forms of utility. And many of the trends align with one another, which will create a seamless year of fashion. Here’s a look at The Top 10 Trends that will move fashion into new directions in 2020.

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Love is in the Hair

Ladies! So the man of your dreams finally asked you out on a date, and now you’re freaking out about what to wear and most importantly, YOUR HAIR! Sound familiar? Well relax and take a deep breath girlfriend. Whether your hair should be up, down, half-up, half-down, straight, wavy and everything in between, we’ve done the grunt work for you. Check out our Top 5 Date Night Hairstyles guaranteed to make a lasting impression!

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