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We had the pleasure of attending this year’s LA Swim Week, and it was spectacular! The fashion show took place on July 19 at... LA Swim Week

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LA Swim Week 2016

We had the pleasure of attending this year’s LA Swim Week, and it was spectacular! The fashion show took place on July 19 at the Skirball Cultural Center, located in West Los Angeles. We saw a bunch of fashionistas, models, designers and media members from all over Southern California. The red carpet area was packed as the attendees were all eager to capture those precious moments on camera.

So what did we think of the swimwear? Well let’s get straight to the point. The show featured 10 different designers, both local and international. They included: Duskii, BeachFlirt22, Lady Swim by Yogii, Palo Rosa Beachwear, Paulette Swimwear, The 8th Continent by Suki Sun, Nessy Swimwear, Glam Clothing, Leonisa, and Amour by Connie Borja. But only 5 of them caught our attention. They were bright, bold and beautiful. Let’s take a closer look at our favorite 5:

Our Favorite 5

1. Pauleth Swimwear

This one had the most style in our view. We like the design detail, especially on the one-piece swimsuits. Their tops and bottoms compliment each other with its vibrant colors and sparkling details. The model selection and the overall presentation was excellent.

The designer’s name is Pauleth Rincon, born in Barranquilla, Colombia. She currently resides in Miami, Florida. We can tell she has a unique sense of design style. Can’t wait to see her 2017 collection.

2. Palo Rosa Beachwear

We really like the design pattern of their tops and bottoms. They appear to have a very nice cut to it. Their swimsuit radiates fun energy. The bright colors were definitely eye-catching. Their presentation where the models came out holding custom shape blowup objects was fun to watch.

The designer’s name is Palo Rosa, who is also also a Colombian native. She launched her swimwear in 2013 and is steadily making a mark in the fashion industry. We like designers with an eccentric sense of design style, and this girl has it.

3. The 8th Continent

Live with intention, dream in gold! This one was bold and beautiful. Their swimsuit exudes confidence, sensuality and sophistication. All of their looks were consistent, we didn’t see anything that seemed out of place.

The designer’s name is Kenzo Suzuki, a talented designer from Japan. We can tell she has a unique sense of style and flare. We look forward to seeing her 2017 Collection.

4. Amour Active Wear

Fun, fit and vibrant is how we describe Amour Active Wear. Their pieces appear to look simple, but it has some nice design details added to it. We like the variety of the different looks that were presented. Most active wear tends to look too similar within its own line, but this one has different style options to choose from.

The designer’s name is Connie Borja, a Los Angeles native who launched Amour Swimwear in 2012. Her swimwear is definitely multifaceted, designed to keep up with the ever-changing taste and style.

5. Nessy Swimwear

Sometimes less is more. Rather than focusing on the bright colors and patterns, Nessy Swimwear is all about the solid colors. We like how their tops and bottoms are in different tones of soft blue and in dark purple and green.

The designer is a 14-year old named Vanessa Sanchez. From what was showcased, we can tell this girl has potential. We hope to see a more variety of designs from her in the near future.

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